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Welcome to K9: Dusk Bay Chronicles

When the corrupt Dusk Bay police force is wiped out by the world's first super villain, it's up to the newest recruits, Keegan and Bruce, armed only with their wits, to uncover the truth behind the super villain uprising. In a city overrun by villainy, Keegan, Bruce and Rulean are out to prove that you don't have to have super powers to be a super hero!


The colorful chronicles of Dusk Bay are where comic books and Saturday morning cartoons collide!

If this is your first time here, then why not check out the POLICE FILES, where you can learn all about our heroes? Be sure to check out the CRIMINAL RECORDS for details about Dusk Bay's rogues gallery, and when you're ready for adventure, head on over to THE COMIC BOOKS to start your journey into the heart of Dusk Bay!

Looking to purchase an issue of your own? Head on over to BUY to grab yourself some K9 merch!

Dusk Bay
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